Monthly Letter August

Monthly Letter August

Hello Parents,

The new school year has started and almost every child is settled in their new groups. The teachers are settled and activities and themes are in full swing. You are welcome to look at our walls to get updates on what we are doing in the groups.


We have three interns one in each group currently working with us and we will be receiving more interns during the course of the year. Two of the interns are studying to become preschool teacher while one is gaining experience to work with children. All the interns speak other languages other than Swedish and English which is a great addition for the preschool especially for teaching homelanguages.

We have a couple of schooling-in left to and we are looking forward to meeting all the parents during the parent meeting on the 6th of September. Until the weather changes we will be outside by the sandbox every afternoon. We will also be having fire drill in week 37. Please email me if you have any points or concerns you want us to talk about during the parent meeting.

Thank you for all your input and we look forward to a wonderful school year.

Best regards,

Suki Ogunkanmi

2017-09-01 09:21