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Trupti Bergal





My name is Trupti Bargal born and brought up in India. We moved to Stockholm. in 2014. My husband and I have two children. I am sincere and pretty calm by nature love. I love to read books, travel, try new things and cook different food dishes.



I have a civil engineering degree from India. As an engineer I have worked in different capacities in project management specially managing large Construction projects for large conglomerates in India. After moving to Sweden I changed my profession and decided to spend more time with children teaching them new things. I have a Nursery Diploma (“Barn och Fritidsprogrammet”). I am working with Eudora International preschool for the last 1,5 years.


Child's perspective

I love working with children’s and teaching them to learn new things , develop and grow . Children are very sincere, innocent and teachable. Children also teach us many new things. My teaching method is based on creating a learning environment where each child feels valued and supported. I believe that each child is unique and has his or her own way of learning, and it my job as apedagogue to create a friendly environment for all children to learn and flourish.

Eudora Internationella Förskola är en pedagogisk verksamhet för barn från 1 års ålder till dess de börjar förskoleklass. Förskolan ligger i ett lugnt område på Södermalm, Fatburs Brunnsgata 17.

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